Managed Security Service for Intelligent Threat Management with SonicWall

Managing an effective network security solution is a demanding challenge for organizations of any size. IT departments are increasingly burdened by the need to manage independent point solutions such as anti-virus, content filtering and intrusion prevention, in the face of increasingly sophisticated online security threats.

At the same time, business managers are concerned with keeping costs low and optimizing their infrastructure investment in an uncertain economic climate, as well as fulfilling various regulation requirements and ensuring business continuity through properly configured, managed and maintained security.

Many businesses are also hampered by a lack of allocated resources and the high cost of hiring full-time security experts.

These challenges demand comprehensive, affordable and hassle-free managed security services that provide enterprise-class protection to set up an equivalent in-house system at a fraction of the cost.

The Managed Security Service Advantage for Business

To address these challenges, SonicWall Inc., the leading provider of integrated security, productivity and mobility solutions, offer proactive managed security services for Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to enable your business to focus on its areas of core competence.

These outsourced security services provide your organization with:

  • Onsite and remote management of security services
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, protection, escalation and response processes

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are trained to offer expert advice and affordable services related to network security management to organizations of all sizes. An MSSP can also handle system changes, modifications and upgrades.

Equipped to align your IT needs with your business objectives, the MSSP also brings specialized expertise in processes such as PCI compliance, human resources, finance and specific software applications relevant to your market sector.

Key features and benefits of SonicWall Managed Security Service

The SonicWall Managed Security Service enables your organization to gain access to leading IT infrastructure with no capital outlay and little operational expense, helping to attain rapid ROI.

The service reduces IT complexity and risks, improves operational efficiencies, employee productivity and complements your in-house IT skill sets. It provides:

1. Worry-free protection with access to security expertise and the latest technology (Next-Generation Firewall: NGFW). SonicWall network security experts help you define security policies that meet your business objectives and provide up-to-the minute protection against the latest threats.

Every NGFW solution starts with deep-packet-inspection firewall, providing a first level of defense for your network. Security modules for anti-virus, intrusion prevention, content filtering and SSL VPN add layers of protection to the NGFW under the single management console.

2. Pay- as- you-go, utility-based services
MSSP tailors service levels to suit your needs. This is based on the number of users supported, bandwidth supported with basic or advanced security, number of site-to-site VPN tunnels, frequency of reports on security incident, firewall, and network activities.

Avoid paying for more than you need with SLAs that incorporate policy and configuration changes, emergency changes and URL access controls. Depending on your unique business needs, you can add:

  • Per-case incident investigation
  • Firewall policy management
  • Anti-spam service
  • Bandwidth management service
  • Integrated and external 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g wireless access points
  • Licensing options for high-availability firewall hardware failover; encrypted traffic inspection; high-speed SSL VPN access to home or offices from anywhere; and client anti-virus protection

Comprehensive reports provide insight into attack and intrusion attempts and the cost and type of traffic being generated on a per-VPN basis. With granular understanding of network usage, you can control bandwidth and costs effortlessly. As your business requirements change, the MSSP will work with you to fine-tune your service levels and security policies.

3. Improved staff efficiency and productivity
The MSSP alleviates your need to add IT headcount, so you not only reduce internal staffing costs, but also free-up existing staff to focus on key activities. MSSPs are available 24/7 to address your IT problems, add new security services and proactively monitor network traffic to prevent downtime.

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