Web Application Firewall

Protect your most critical assets

With Web Application Firawall from i-secure, you’ll be able to safeguard your Web applications and business data from security threats with a comprehensive Web protection plan that combines multiple security engines, quick deployment, automation, adaptable security features and low operational overhead.

Key benefits of i-secure‘s WAF include:

  • Automatic recognition of your protected applications and user behavior
  • Web defense updates based on current threats
  • Blocking of attempts to exploit vulnerabilities
  • Stop traffic from malicious sources with ThreatRadar
  • Detect multi-stage attacks by monitoring across security layers and over time
  • Virtually patch weak spots to reduce your window of exposure
  • Fully address PCI 6.6

Utilizing the SecureSphere WAF product from Imperva, a company that more businesses rely on to protect their applications than any other vendor, our team of experts can secure your most critical assets with one simple solution.

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  • Efficient web attack prevention
  • Increase web server performance
  • Align with PCI DSS#6.6
  • Flexible deployments and solutions
  • Reduced cost of ownership on Cloud service
  • Security monitoring by Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Web Security specialist consultant
  • Worry free with 100% SLA