Log Management Services

Worry-free business security solutions

With increasing security regulations in today’s online business environment, log monitoring is essential to protect your company from malicious activity and data theft.

While traditional log monitoring solutions can be quite expensive, Log Monitoring Services from i-secure are designed for the small business budget, allowing you to invest valuable time and resources into other aspects of your company.

With LMS from i-secure, we monitor your logs 24x7x365, so you never again have to worry about the security of your IT infrastructure or critical business information.


  • Centralized Log Consolidation System
  • Log Compressed and Encrypted (SSL)
  • Username and OTP Supported over HTTPS

Solution Delivery Option:

  • Log Storage (1.0 GB/Day, 1.5 GB/Day, 2.0 GB/Day)
  • Additional 1.0 GB/Day

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  • Log retention period in 90 days
  • Daily email notification report (amounts of log by device)
  • Monthly email notification report (amounts of log by device)
  • Automatic NTP time synchronized
  • Monitors availability of “Log-transporter” device
  • Unlimited logged devices (IP)
  • Google-like searching provided by Splunk
  • Dashboard statistics (5 user cases/year)


  • Compliant with Thai Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550
  • Supports all Log files
  • Log traffic monitored by experts
  • Highly efficient log storage
  • Disaster Recovery Center site supported
  • Low cost of ownership and implementation
  • Flexible management on a traffic of log size


Log Management Service

Logging Features


Centralized Log Consolidation System
90 Days Log Retention
Automatic NTP Time Synchronized
Log Compressed and Encrypted (SSL)
Auto Email Log Usage Report
“Log Centralized” Monitoring
Disaster Recovery Centre Site Supported



Thai CCA B.E. 2550 (Logging)

IT Operations


Real Time Indexing
Google-like Searching
Secure Access with SSL/VPN and OTP
Web Based GUI

Solution Delivery


Number of Devices (IP) Unlimited
Capacity/Storage 1.0 GB, 1.5 GB,
2.0 GB/Day
Additional 1.0 GB/Day